Do we really need to keep talking about the climate crisis?

I like to consider myself an eternal optimist but at this year's COP27 - UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt - hope was hard to find. I showed up to Sharm El-Sheikh truly and deeply questioning the value of the multilateral climate process, the relevance of my attendance - whether all this was justified. I'm... Continue Reading →

Moving to Harvard

My greatest fear has surfaced today as a new term in the global lexicon: “climate apartheid.” If inaction continues and the atmosphere continues to warm, citizens across the Global South will be left to fend for themselves amid devastation to their homelands, food, and water. I come from one of these vulnerable nations – Eritrea... Continue Reading →

Ancestry. Possibility. Purpose.

[A summary of my presentation at the National Council of Eritrean Americans] I want to share some of the work I am doing but also the key pieces that have helped shape my philosophy towards living a purpose driven life.

Message as incoming IFSA President

Hey Everyone! I am Salina Abraha and I have the honor of serving as IFSA president for the 2017-2018 year. I’m including two photos cause depending on whether my hair is straight or curly, I might look like a different person! To share a little bit about myself – I just graduated from the University... Continue Reading →

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