Ancestry. Possibility. Purpose.

[A summary of my presentation at the National Council of Eritrean Americans] I want to share some of the work I am doing but also the key pieces that have helped shape my philosophy towards living a purpose driven life.

Message as incoming IFSA President

Hey Everyone! I am Salina Abraha and I have the honor of serving as IFSA president for the 2017-2018 year. I’m including two photos cause depending on whether my hair is straight or curly, I might look like a different person! To share a little bit about myself – I just graduated from the University... Continue Reading →

Blended Finance in Your Breakfast

If I could wake up every day and select a guilt free breakfast, I would pick two things: honey glazed grilled pineapple and a fresh buttery croissant with Nutella. I would like to take this time to examine my second selection – the French and Italian “collaboration” of greatness, and, particularly, the delicious hazelnut spread.... Continue Reading →

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