Message as incoming IFSA President

Hey Everyone!

I am Salina Abraha and I have the honor of serving as IFSA president for the 2017-2018 year. I’m including two photos cause depending on whether my hair is straight or curly, I might look like a different person! To share a little bit about myself – I just graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Resource Management and Economics. During my time in school, I focused primarily in forest policy, corporate social responsibility programs, and some development economics.


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In nearly all my time outside of school, I worked a lot with IFSA! I’ve been Head of the International Processes Commission for a year and a half and the Statutes Councilor for half a year. Being a part of the IFSA World and family has been the best part of my student experience and I’m excited to still be apart while I’m graduated. I’ve led our delegations to UNFF, UNFCCC, created the IFSA blog, and had a great time representing IFSA and reporting back to our members. After two years in international processes and forest policy work, I am excited to work with the whole of our organization.

My plans for the upcoming year (brace yourself) are to finalize the IFSA Strategy 2018-2022, assist with revising and drafting a new Statutes (as part of an iterative consultative process), create standardized IFSA workshops at regional meetings, further develop the East Asian and Africa regions, work with Council and the Communications Commission to finalize the Communications Strategy, identify some collective action events on regional and global levels, and have some fun!

One fun fact about me – I dislocated my shoulder at the 2015 IFSS in the Philippines while playing limbo, I’ve never been the same. 😊

Wishing everyone a great day – and if you haven’t already joined an IFSA commission, please do, it’s super easy, just email the Head of Commission and let them know you want to help!

All the best,

Salina Abraha


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  1. Hi Salina! I want to ask you what inspired you to lead the IFSA family? i.e why did you want to become the President of IFSA?


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