My name is Salina Abraha.


And I hate to be an additional millennial with a blog post designed to be spunky and captivating. I don’t have a “brand” that encompasses who I am – simply my thoughts, beliefs, and passions.

I hope that this site captures who I am accurately while sharing my various adventures, all taken in an attempt to re-frame and tackle complex global issues.

Brief Description:

I am a student and lover of intersections – the often unexplored places where things meet. In academia, that has translated into a B.S. in Environmental Science and Resource Management and Economics from the University of Washington. In practice, this has led to studying international law and land management in a small mountain town in Northern Spain, policy implementation in my home state, and corporate social responsibility practices in Eritrea. I value going down the ladder – taking each rung from aspirational high-level policy down to the local context. Some of my work can be found here.

Despite my love for words and policy, what makes my heart beat fast is people! I have been blessed to meet many inspiring young professionals who have helped shape my belief in greater inclusivity. I am able to apply my own skills in this area through my work at the Global Landscapes Forum and with the International Forestry Student’s Association (IFSA). More on this here.

Fun Facts 🙂 

  • I have been singing in a trio with my sisters since I was a pre-teen.
  • I am an Eritrean, born in the Netherlands to refugees and raised in the United States – i.e. a lost, world citizen.
  • My last name should be Abraha – not Abraham – but a Dutch immigration officer convinced my father Abraham was a better name.

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